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Our internal library can be read from being still, closing our eyes and looking at the universe that exists within. When we sleep we have no problem trusting and exploring this world.

Ask yourself awake do I spend time consciously meditating or doing mindfulness practices?

Check out our YouTube channel for guidance on how to read your internal library.  

Books are another fantastic explorational tool to advance our knowledge, brain train and simply enhance our overall development. Reading allows for expansion of consciousness where it is essential to practice and take action in what you learn.

Horizon suggests reading books that match your passions, hobbies, to support your career development and personal development. Nowadays, there are loads of video platforms, where you can learn, how to cook, how to make things, how to up and recycle and simply just be a better individual.

We need to find something of interest that stimulates our excitement. Reading different languages can be a great asset in life. Knowing how to read and learning ‘languages’ is powerful, gives you a voice and helps you to articulate well.

Express Yourself TIME Challenge

Activity 1: How kind am I to myself? 

In 2 minutes write 10 positive things about you 

Activity 2: How judgemental am I? 

– You will need a pen or many to draw a picture

– Choose 1 song that you like, press play and copy the picture of the lion 

– Then select 1 of the following ‘ Reggae Therapy at 432hz’ or Beethoven Symphony 5, draw a second picture of the lion

– Compare your picture, which one is better and why?


Activity 1:  I give thanks too…

– Write a letter or an email to two people to say thank you 

Activity 2:  I send love too…

– Give and say a compliment to two people face to face 

Horizon Padlet is a place to explore;

  • Tools and Techniques
  • Affirmations
  • Watch Videos
  • Engaging images to stimulate neural pathways to rewire a healthier and positive mindset

It is through our minds that we are controlled and emotions can charge negative actions, behaviour and attitudes. We are love and born pure, however, the world around us can nurture us to go against ourselves, to not love ourselves and simply hate or dislike yourself and the world around us. Be at peace and learn to love yourself with Horizon Padlet.

For Teachers, Mentors and Workshop Facilitators

Start Sole is a web learning tool to create learning environments that include those at home, a student-led approach where peers are encouraged to stimulate one another’s a learning experience.

Compassionate teaching is the easiest way to bring out the best in yourself and your students. In a physical and online teaching environment.

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