The act of taking responsibility involves obtaining control of your decisions and situations. Some of us are great at taking responsibility and some of us are very poor. This blog will highlight which type of person you are and empower you to make the right choices for you!

Health problems usually start when we do not take responsibility of our own health!

Below are some questions for reflection.

Do you go to the pharmacy when you are ill?

Do you buy medication to resolve pain?

Do you go to the doctors (GP) when you have symptoms of an illness or disease?

Do you go to the hospital to undergo medication, treatment and/or rehabilitation?

Have you considered looking for an outside source to find a diagnosis, to relieve symptom or to find a cure? If you have answered yes, to some or most of these questions then keep reading.

You may think that doing all the above is taking responsibility for your health. In one aspect you are right, sometimes we are unable to manage our pain and symptoms therefore we just need help from medical services. For example, when we are in extreme pain, we may seek medication and treatment from a hospital.

Lets flip this around. Questions for further reflection.

Have you ever taken responsibility in researching about the cause of your symptoms?

Have you ever taken the responsibility to try and resolve your symptoms, illness or disease yourself? Have you ever gone to a complementary therapist to resolve your pain?

Have you ever taken responsibility to use another type of medical professional who can diagnoses and treat, just like your GP. For example, nutritionist, homeopath or Chinese herbalist.

You were born on to this world on your own, you will leave this world on your own. You are in control of your decisions that you make day to day. You are in control of your life. Therefore you are in control of your health.

Health and well being services have the responsibility to provide, inform and help guide you on the best options for your health. But ultimately you make the final decisions, on what to eat, where and how to exercise and when you go to the doctors.

It so essential that you empower yourself. To empower yourself means to be confident in your own decisions. You can educate yourself, learn and be independent, not a sheep to society who follows the ‘normal’ protocols listed in my first paragraph.

Since the birth of the internet and the start of immigration in the UK, we have access to so so so so so, much knowledge and wisdom from all health practices and cultures from across the whole world!

There is now something out there for everyone, we have endless choice. Some are free and some you have to pay for.

Can money buy your health?

Can money buy your life!!!

For example, some people would pay anything to maintain their health and stay alive, because they enjoy living life and are not ready to die yet. Age shouldn’t matter, its life! We are born healthy and worthy of life, and it seems that many of us corrupt our health by not exercising, eating unhealthy foods, taking drugs and alcohol, taking medication and live unhappy lives in unhappy relationships and jobs.

You and only you can help yourself.

You have the power to empower yourself to take responsibility for your own health.

As a society as a whole, we need to stop looking for other people to solve our problems, we need to take responsibility and look within and deal with it ourselves.

When we will realise that going to the doctors or going in search of treatment is continuing on a pathway of fire fighting. he responsibility comes in prevention. How do I prevent this? How to I avoid this? We shouldn’t be dependent on just cure!

Here are some quick fixes I found when I researched on the internet (this list is not exhausted);

To improve digestion – drink fresh lemon in warm boiled water in the mornings

For headaches – drink at least 2 litres of water per day and avoid caffeine

For fever symptoms – boil turmeric, cloves and saffron and drink it

For a low immune system – add ginger, lemon, honey and 2 drops of liquid form Echinacea to warm boiled water

Take responsibility and Empower yourself!

Love Kaysen