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We are alternative because we tailor-make services to fit the needs of individuals and groups. All of our sessions are dynamic, high energy, motivating and challenging.  As we are teachers who love transforming lives we use psycho-dynamic and sociological approaches to stimulate learning so it is long-lasting.

We use practical activities and interactive tasks, for example, play, videos, games and role-play to explore aspects of ourselves, others and the universe that surrounds us.

We work with other individual professionals, creatives and companies to deliver all of our services. Collaboration with partner organisations ensures we provide holistic services, where we meet the developmental needs of the mind, body, soul and spirit, all are vital for creating change from within.

Why us?

School partners

We focus on young people who need us most by taking the young person on a journey to their real self.  With over 12 years of experience in pastoral care, it enhances our programme development. We have learnt how to use practical techniques to engage, motivate and inspire young people.

We deliver excellent bespoke workshops and also enhance the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development in the participants.  

Outcomes from all our services:

  • 97% of young people learn new concepts
  • 98% of young people learn 2+ mindfulness tools and techniques to manage their well-being
  • 95% of young people are able to identify or become aware of something within themselves they did not know before our interaction

Corporate, Charitable and Community Partners

Horizon works closely with Celebrate Life (CLE), The Ascension Agency and Youth Urban Arts Foundation (YUAF) to provide a range of opportunities, training and qualifications for young people.

We value that creativity, enterprise and skill development are essential to support the holistic growth and development of an individual.

We share resources, funds, opportunities and help each other to grow to give young people and adults choice.

Our Team


I aim to support young people to achieve and aspire to be the best person that they can be in order for them to have a positive impact within their families, peers and community.

Whilst servicing the young people I hope to draw out their skills in order to make the world happier and brighter.

My passion comes from working with disadvantaged youth who need an extra push to fulfil their goals and dreams. We all should recognise that everyone has the potential to achieve greatness. Whilst teaching I realised the need to set up an additional support service that is focused on well-being in order to provide an appropriate service that would support my passions to serve the next generations.

I am a qualified Teacher, Life Coach and Mentor.


Through working in education I noticed that young people and educational institutions could really do with some additional support.

I was definitely a misunderstood young person in school, who found herself lost, in trouble and scraping through.

I understand that our personal life issues can have a huge impact on our academic ability and focus to achieve our potential.

I met Lisa whilst working in a college and we both decided to leave full-time education to set up Horizon.

I am qualified as a Teacher, Social Worker, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Master Practitioner, Reiki, Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Mentor


What our students say about us...


6 Week Inclusion Course

Male, 13,

Thank you Horizon for all that you have done. At first, I didn’t really feel the impact of your help and now I really want to say thank you. I am sorry for storming out and being difficult sometimes, but now I understand it was all a part of me recognising my own faults and where I needed to make changes. You helped me to realize what makes me upset, that I really did not love myself and I used to take this out on everyone around. I feel less angry now, my periods of sleep are better and at school, I have enough energy so I do not fall asleep. Thank you Horizon you all have really helped me.


6 Week Inclusion Course

Female, 13,

I now have a better relationship with my mum, I understand how she can and cannot be there for me and I feel more at peace with this now. We laugh more and I enjoy going round there. I am still struggling with my emotions and feel more support would be good, thank you for supporting me.


6 Week Inclusion Course

Female, 13,

Thank you Horizon, I now know what I want to do as a career, what grades I need to get and I actually want to achieve my GCSE’s. I have learnt that I have many natural skills that I can use, I have made more hair bands at home now and my sister is doing it too. I have fewer detentions and are getting into trouble less. I still get mad and teachers still annoy me, now I can calm down quickly and return to lessons in the day rather than skipping some or all. Thanks.

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