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Welcome to Horizon alternative education

Welcome to Horizon a well-being service for young people aged 10-24 and adults that support them.

We are a team of qualified teachers and complementary therapists who tailor-make workshops, courses and mentoring sessions to suit your need and improve your well-being.

Young people are our future, we are here to provide a safe, nurturing space, for them to share, grow and ultimately make better choices in their life.


Our Services

Crazy Beautiful Workshop

One-off workshops can be tailor-made for your needs based on demand. We learn about our self-concept, self-esteem and self-awareness. We teach practical mindfulness techniques to boost your morale, stimulate natural energy and happiness. A compassionate approach to loving thyself.

4 Weeks Uplift course

Tailor-made to meet the needs of groups of young people, mixed or same-sex groups. Aimed at powering up young people to believe in themselves to achieve and be resilient.  Main focused groups are relationships, anger, anxiety, bullying, self-harm, identity crisis and behaviour challenges.

1-2-1 Mentoring

We provide 6 sessions, spread over 6 weeks 1-2-1 mentoring and/or complementary therapy. We connect deeply with young people to find the root causes of their current problems or challenges they are facing. Together we find solutions to overcome them.


Assemblies can be tailor-made to any well-being and mental health issues that arise in a year group. We focus on exam pressures and how to manage your mental health and well-being during these stressful periods. Upon request, we can do an awareness assembly about well-being concepts.

6 Weeks UpLift inclusion course

Focused on young people who are disengaged, underachieving, at risk of exclusion, have low attendance and mental health issues. Intense and challenging course to redirect young people to their wants, passions and to find stability in their world.  Connecting deeply to sustain relationships.

Get creative with Peace

In collaboration with Celebrate Life we provide interactive workshops that include the wisdom and lessons taught by Prem Rawat, author and peace ambassador. We use the concept of peace and creativity to explore our internal world.

Our Team


I aim to support young people to achieve and aspire to be the best person that they can be in order for them to have a positive impact within their families, peers and community...

I am a qualified Teacher, Life Coach and Mentor.

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Through working in education I noticed that young people and educational institutes could really do with some additional support...

I am qualified as a Teacher, Social Worker, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Master Practitioner, Reiki, Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Mentor

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Learning solutions

We are alternative because we help young people learn about how their internal world impacts the external. To look within yourself, dig deep and challenge one's self through different dynamic learning tools and techniques.

Our main learning solutions are:

* Interactive dynamic, cognitive and kinaesthetic activities

* Intellectually and emotionally stimulated through mindfulness, meditation, breathing and exercise techniques

* Healthy minds, affirm positive mindsets for a clear vision

* Self Awareness and the development of social and emotional maturity that are needed to maintain relationships and relate to others.

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